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Crazy Out Here

Posted on August 28, 2013 at 8:40 AM Comments comments (1)

Crazy Out Here

These weeks are going by so fast, seems like time flies rather you’re having fun or not. Life is short it’s been said forever and we know it’s even shorter for some. It’s crazy they say The Lord watches over babies and fools which I believe is true since there are so many babies and good people being taken away and sometimes it’s because of the fools. Everyday it’s something new going on and you have to be cautious and more observant. I started off thinking this would be a light week and a nice whimsical blog but every time I turn on the TV or listen to the radio there is another shooting associated with a carjacking or robbery, a baby has been hospitalized for being shot or injured for being in the presence of someone who doesn’t need or like kids. Home invasions, arsons, rapings, kidnappings and so much more it’s crazy out here. It’s bad that you can’t have the things you work for because there is someone out here envious of what you have and instead of working for it to get their own they would rather take yours. I believe it all starts in the home, not saying that everyone out here doing these things is from a broken home because you can do your best in raising your kids and teaching them right from wrong and have a good family life and they can still choose to run with the wrong crowd or allow peer pressure to get to them and it could change their life. And then with the company you keep there’s always the chance of being in the wrong place at the wrong time which is always a bad situation. There is always someone on the sidelines watching it’s up to you to decide rather they are there to cheer you on, to soak up game and learn or soak it up to take you down. You may think you have a cheerleader but we all know looks can be deceiving.

What Now? Decisions, decisions, decisions

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Have you ever had to make multiple decisions at one time? Or has it ever seemed like everything was crashing down all at once? I have taken a hiatus from writing the last month, not by choice but to take care of a few things. It has been some life changing also altering things going on good and bad that needed to be immediately addressed. Some people work better under pressure and I might be one of them. They say study long, study wrong and in some cases I agree. I’ve spoken before about making changes in my life to be able to take care of my mom and some are in place and have been working to make things better but it seems like everyday something new comes up and shuts everything else down, sometimes immediately without a lot of preparation. It’s been very challenging these last 10 months following her stroke caring for her and her needs and now that financial issues have come up, trying to settle things with her home have been a little bit harder. If I were an easily depressed or worrying type of person, I would probably be locked in a room or committed somewhere by now because this stuff is crazy and I am totally amazed that it is all happening at one time. Thankful and prayerful that I am not and will not become that way because not only am I taking care of her things, I have my own things to take care of as well. While caring for her, my children (including my niece), my mate, our current home and looking for another one because we now need more space, my own finances, trying to repair my car that just started acting up a week ago that’s needed to run the kids back and forth to work, practices and school, my own health back on track and somewhere down the line I’m going to try and take care of ME…WHEW!!!!! That was a lot and it’s been a lot on my mind other than these things but all of this is more important and pretty much has taken precedence over everything. Family and my home life are definitely more important than anything and will come first. I am thankful and blessed that someone has been placed in my life and at the right time to help me get through all these things and more and that makes me feel like everything will work out in the end no matter what. It is such a wonderful feeling to have somebody in your court but most importantly on the same team. It is said that no more than you can bear will be placed on you and I feel like my back is breaking, my arms are tired and my knees are weak so I know I’m almost to the finish line somewhere over the rainbow where my Pot of Gold awaits………….

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Moves Being Made

Posted on June 26, 2013 at 12:10 AM Comments comments (2)

Moves Being Made

A few weeks ago I said it was time, time for us to hit the road and to put on a show. Our Detroit team combined of IMM Radio, Renaissance Records, Top Shelf Entertainment and Goon Sqwad together with Choc Mami of Chocolate City Radio traveled to Fayetteville, NC to attend DJ Prince’s Servin These Streets 2nd Annual Summer Jam at Zero Degreez Night Club in Fayetteville, North Carolina. This was the first trip of many more to come. Hitting the road you can discover things that can affect your travels both good and bad. Bonding, building relationships, learning more about the people you’re with, seeing new things, life experiences and lessons learned. Shout out to Crazy Nate, lol. It was nice to get away with family and take care of business but it being pleasurable at the same time. There was great networking, good food, nice conversations, wonderful photo opportunities, as well as being in the presence of good people that can be considered as family. Not to mention tearing up the stage as only we know how. Starting out with Mr. Put On a Show himself, Pauly Bronson letting everybody know why he’s a “Detroit Nigga” following up with Big N.O.T, Skan and Deetoxx getting the crowd hype telling them to “Get High, Get Money” “Forever” and Diezel and O.G. Trick Trick closing out our Detroit set With “Dat Paypa and “Stay On Fire”. If the audience wasn’t quite sure or were unaware that we were there to have a good time but to shut it down at the same time, I think they might know now. I enjoyed the sightseeing along the way, as it was my first time in NC I enjoyed being there also and would love to visit again. I am happy we were able to meet new people in which will allow us to travel to new places and join new endeavors in conjunction with others. Compilations, tours, concerts, traveling and more I am definitely looking forward to in the near future. I believe everything happens for a reason and also believe that you can be in the right place at the right time and it can be beneficial to all parties. The next night after the Summer Jam we checked out Lido’s and rocked that stage as well. When you do right and are a genuine person you sometimes tend to attract people that are the same way and that's a great feeling. Though every once in a while you may come across those that seem to be genuine and somewhere down the line, in some cases sooner than later you find out they aren’t really what you thought they were or pretended to be. But for every few that are put in your life to hate or try to hold you back there are multiple people set at different points along your journey or passage through life to help you get to your destination. They may not be there when you think it’s time or that they should be but be patient and just know a change will come at the right time.

You Ain't Gotta Lie

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You Ain't Gotta Lie

Have you ever heard the saying “You ain’t got to lie to kick it”. This is really a true statement. Some people are attention seekers or “story stunners” can’t have a conversation with them or tell them something without them trying to trump your story. They can’t just listen and wait until you’re done, they have to butt in and cut you off to tell their related story or lie to make it sound better than yours. Let me tell mine and then you can elaborate on it or tell yours when I’m finished. Please and thank you. Its ok to be honest and tell the truth sometimes, because I honestly don’t think that people who lie and are used to it probably don’t run into people like me often that remembers almost everything because I pay attention and I am very observant. Some don’t care then there are those that when you catch them up they have to take you on another fictional journey to connect the stories; I really don’t have time for that. Those that tell stories for you to feel sorry for them, whether it is for you to help or just to listen are sometimes over the top and make you wish you a violin on your shoulder. Most don’t understand that everybody has hard times every once in a while some all the time or more than others but not realizing that it is the way you live your life that gives you the results you end up with. You can’t assume that others are going to work and go harder for you than you do yourself. Who does that and where they do that at? I’m tired of listening to grown people complaining about their life and the cards they were dealt when they’re not doing anything to change it. How do you expect different results when you are doing the same things over and over again without change? That’s kind of impossible and doesn’t make sense, to get another answer you need to change some of the components. It’s pretty simple, you do for you and try to help or invest in yourself and show that you are willing to work to make things happen for YOU, then trust and believe some or multiple will flock to you to do the same. Just be real and true to yourself and the rest will follow.



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The time is finally here, riding with my sunroof open and ready to play Will Smith’s “Summertime”, blue sunny skies, warm weather, summer trips, family reunions, amusement parks and the best of all NO SCHOOL. No waking up super early, no dropping off and picking up kids, but I will miss the extra-curricular and sports activities the most. I will enjoy my time off because September will be here again before I sit down good. I’m ready for the trips that are planned and those that are not, to sum it all up, I’m just ready. Everybody was waiting for the weather to break which it seemed like it never would but it has, well temporarily because we do still have a few chilly days in store. It seems as if it’s going to be a pretty hot summer and those waiting for it to get hot will be the first to complain that it’s TOOOO HOT!! It will have to be one way or the other, hot or cold every once in a while we might actually get something in the middle but not this year it went from one extreme to the other. I’m definitely not complaining I’m just happy to be here to experience it all. North Carolina trip next month isn’t coming fast enough, being patient but so ready to blow this Popsicle stand. Trying to plan a girl’s trip for my daughters and niece, team trips to hit a couple stages, some QT trips with my babe, Miami for Labor Day weekend for the Coast 2 Coast Convention and a lot of other things I am looking forward to. I like to look for and plan trips for the super low and most of the time very successful in doing so because apparently people are under the impression that you have to spend a lot to travel and I personally believe it’s the complete opposite so I work hard to getthe best bang for the buck. Hoping and praying that everyone is safe this summer, we all know when it gets warm people act a little crazier than normal. Enjoy your time on this earth and do whatever it is that makes you happy. The time is now. That’s what I plan to do………



Will You Ever Learn??

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Will You Ever Learn??

When will you grow up? At what point in your life do you realize life doesn’t completely revolve around you and your wants and needs? Do you know it’s rather selfish to think that it does? Will you ever be considerate and not be selfish and think of someone else other than yourself? These are all questions I have because I don’t understand the dynamics of the way some people think. I can’t comprehend because I’m usually the one doing something for nothing and never looking for anything in return. I’ve always been taught to treat others as I would want or expect them to treat me and I believe if you do right by others you will be repaid for your duties. May not be in the exact manner in which you gave but I definitely believe in due time and sometimes right on time you will get something deserving of your actions. I’ve tried to explain to people that when you do something for someone and do it only to immediately receive something in return even sometimes asking for more than the equivalent that 9 times out of 10, you won’t get what you want. And the reason would be that it was not done from the heart or in a genuine fashion. All we have is our word and honor and if you misuse or abuse either that could be all bad for you. I also believe in karma and if you do wrong you may be repaid when you least expect it. We all make mistakes in life but when it counts is when you realize it was a mistake, learn from it and try not to repeat it expecting a different outcome. When you’re growing up if with the right upbringing you are taught right from wrong and it’s not thought to be cute when you do wrong. But there is also a time when you yourself learn what to do and not to do and sometimes have to go through something to know the difference, which is fine as long as the lesson is learned and you’re able to move on. Being selfish isn’t cool and definitely not when you think it’s wrong for someone to treat you the same way. If it’s something you don’t want done then don’t do it and that’s pretty simple and easy to understand. Just know when you don’t do right and there comes a time when you need something rather it’s something to happen or something you need to get or have done for you it’s a great possibility that just might not come through for you and then you’ll be upset trying to figure out why not. In some cases the person never thinks about the things they’ve done, they just know I want this and I need this to happen for me right now, oh well sorry…maybe next time. The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is to love and be loved in return.


Looking Into The Past

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I decided to look back on some blogs that were previously posted due to events that are surrounding me in my life. And I came across a few that would fit almost all of the situations so this week will be something a little different, I invite you to if you have not already or if you have some time to read a couple of them and relate to what's going on. The first one to come to mind was “Kindness vs. Weakness" and that is pretty much self-explanatory and some still don’t understand that just because someone is nice and helpful and even understanding doesn’t make them gullible or accepting of nonsense and willing to understand that anyone can be nice and lovable until they are provoked to react in a different manner. And that led me to “Opinions” because everyone is entitled to one but don’t pressure me to have the same feelings as you, 9 out of 10 times I won’t so you can express how you feel but it’s not necessary that I feel the same way. And of course we all have those frenemies that consider themselves your “friend” until you need something or you can no longer help them but in actuality real and true friends know that “Love and Support” is everything. Even those that preach about and say they love and would do anything for you, really have you wondering and asking the question, “Is Blood Really Thicker than Water”? In a lot of cases some might say No and that’s because those that you think are concerned and have your best interest at heart are the ones that use the knowledge they have against you and hurt you the most. Just let them know that “One Monkey Don’t Stop No Show” and you will continue on and keep pushing to show them that losing is not an option and that you are a winner. Bridges are being burned along the way while you are “Trying to Knock My Hustle” when you should just “Get You Some” business that is. Some need a dose of “Reality” in the process of me trying to figure out if these children are “Yours or Mine” because a lot of people are having them for others to raise. I have my own that were brought up rather nicely I think, one in college and one in high school working and doing well in school and sports. As a parent I believe I instilled as many good qualities and taught them as much as I could and feel that everyone that’s a parent should have the same experience if at all possible. But I definitely don’t agree with those having kid after kid only to pass them on to someone else to raise for them. If YOU do not plan on taking care of or providing for your own DON’T have them. I love and appreciate everyone in my life and we can “Only Go Up From Here”. Waited for the “Summer Breeze” that has finally showed up and I’m ready to embark on these summer trips and the journey to the rest of my life……….



Bridges Burned

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Bridges Burned

So I’ve been trying to figure out if and when somebody will realize that when you burn bridges and then turn around and ask that same person for a favor, they aren’t entitled to help you. When people do others wrong it’s usually the person that’s been done wrong that is needed again. I’ve always said You will need me before I need you. And most times that’s the truth. You can’t mistreat someone or misuse them or their resources and think that everything will be ok and that if you do it time after time that it will continually be accepted. It’s hard when you’re a helpful person and people start to take advantage of that and it’s unfair that it makes you not want to do for others. In that case even those that are deserving of you and your time and energy may never get to experience your generosity. People need to learn and understand that this world does not and will not revolve around only you and your problems and maybe just maybe other people experience hard times and tribulations as well. Why is it okay for you to treat others one way but if they tried to do you the same all hell breaks loose? Do you know that karma is real and that the way you treat others it can and will come back to you double maybe even triple time? Does it matter to you, do you even care? Is it fair when somebody does something for you and asks for a favor in return you act like the world is coming to an end? I honestly don’t think it’s possible for someone to be the victim all the time and becomes annoying when even when you’re not you still play the role. If you make better decisions and life choices the chances are you will probably have a better life. It wouldn’t hurt to do right by people especially when you always have your hand out on the other side. If you can come to a mutual agreement or understanding burned bridges may be rebuilt but can also stay as ashes and rubble. Everyone can feel how they do but please don’t be upset when you mistreat, abuse, misuse, take advantage of or not appreciate someone and they do the same to you…..

Why You Tryna Knock My Hustle?

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What Would You Do?

I love what I see, God made me so the world could see the way I move in a slow, sexy, exotic way as I caress my body while swinging around the pole and dropping it low as you stare into my brown eyes wondering what's my inner mystery....but yet please don't get my stripping game mixed up with what the society sees. I gotta make a living while I'm young, damn during the day my education is the root to my beat as I bang my mind to see that I am a straight A student. My brain to him is unexplainable, sucking it up like a vacuum and wondering why he keeps coming back for my love besides having our only baby girl, she's also doing well in school but I often wonder what she thinks about what I do. Is she proud that I am a woman trying or not making enough for it to be worth it? Doing what I need to not wanting to feel ashamed of my only daughter looking at me as if I'm nothing because I'm a stripper but her bright smile makes me smile everyday knowing that we've made it through another day. I swear the crowd loves me or Rain, the other side of me. Is that really me when the money is flowing and steadily being thrown? It makes me feel so good, but what would you do if your baby was at home worrying about when her mother will be coming home and about the dudes she met and praying she doesn't come up missing on the news. Would you continue to live this life to make this money, even though they say all money isn't good money? What would you do??

Carmel Slick



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I know everyone has an opinion and are entitled to having one. But please take note that everyone is not always going to be concerned with or care about your feelings. Especially in the case when it’s something that doesn’t directly involve you. Most might tell you to mind your business, as to where some may listen and even agree but I’m almost positive it goes in one ear and out the other. My thought is always if your suggestion is not to help or better the situation, by all means please keep it to yourself. If it is something I’m going through I’ve already thought about it a hundred times and have tried to weigh the pros and cons so you coming with your negative input definitely don’t help the situation. Just let it play out however it’s supposed to and if there is a lesson to be learned, let it be and then let’s move forward. I’ve also learned over the years and the hard way, that everyone does not have your best interest at heart. Even though I am very considerate to most in every situation others are not and that’s fine it has helped me along the way to be a better judge of character. It allows me to see what’s on the surface and not to expect anything more than what I see and in due time true colors will show. A lot of people function by living through other people or suggesting that others do things that they actually wouldn’t do but makes it sound good as if they would do it the same or slightly altered. “Honesty is the best policy” is the motto I’ve always gone by with some things being on a need to know basis is becoming almost everything needs to be that way because there is always someone posing to be concerned but are only seeking information that in most cases is only beneficial to themselves. Every man for himself is cool too but that’s not how I roll. Life changes are necessary to move on and better yourself I only ask that the lessons that are being taught, you take heed to and apply them to your life and daily situations in the areas needed. But always go with your gut feeling,9 times out of 10 it won’t steer you wrong.