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More Than A "Miracle"

Posted on March 13, 2013 at 3:15 PM Comments comments (0)

Thumbnail of Smokey Robinson and the Miracles

A Tribute to My Uncle

We lost a great one last week, a “Miracle” in more ways than one. My uncle, Mr. Robert Edward “Bobby” Rogers II at the age of 73 whom to the world was known as Bobby Rogers a member of the Motown musical group Smokey Robinson and The Miracles but to us as a loving son, husband, father, brother, uncle, cousin and dear friend to many that will be greatly missed. His infectious smile, boisterous laughs but yet still a calm, cool and collected guy. It was wonderful to hear over and over again at his services which included a tribute, funeral service and a private burial that he was just a regular person that everyone loved and was the same all the time just as I thought he was. I knew he sang and traveled a lot when I was younger but was unaware that he had accomplished so much more than that with all his dance routines and writing credits as well such as, “The Way You Do The Things You Do” by The Temptations, Marvin Gaye’s “Ain’t That Peculiar” and The Miracles “Going To A Go-Go” and many others. When Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On” was recorded Uncle Bobby and a few of the Detroit Lions football team were in the studio and Marvin asked them to start off the song and Bobby said “Hey man, what’s your name? Everything is everything” and “It’s a groovy party, man I can dig it”. It was his growl on The Miracles million selling single “Love Machine” and his rich baritone voice accompanying Smokey on the group’s hit “You Really Got A Hold On Me” He truly enjoyed what he did and always made sure it was fun for all those around him in the world of fame as well as in his family (personal) life. I thank The Lord that I had this man in my life and even though he was a major star to everyone else he was still able to be Uncle Bobby and have us all over for some of his famous burgers or great ribs on Memorial Day and still available almost every Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve to come to my home to have dinner and party with the family. I loved him as my uncle, my mom’s big brother and another father figure that was always willing to help and give advice because that’s what he did. I know he’s happy now rejoicing, singing and dancing with my grandfather, grandmother, aunts, my dad and I’m sure they welcomed him with open arms as he said “Hey man, what’s happening?” He will definitely be missed but I do know with all my heart he is not suffering nor in pain anymore and is in a better place living his eternal life. I love you Uncle Bobby R.I.P

Bobby Rogers

Yours or Mine?

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Can you explain to me why some people have children and act as if they don’t? They act as if it takes too much time out of their day to spend time with them or do what is required of being a parent. I have witnessed on too many occasions people that have children that shouldn’t have done so. Children are had for many different reasons when them being wanted should be the main reason but that’s not always the case. The blame of issues in life, the parent’s situation and the decisions they made sometimes fall on the child which didn’t ask to be here in the 1st place. It’s not fair for the child/children to suffer the consequences of their parent’s actions, it is somewhat inevitable. You can’t be mad at the world and take it out on the kids because it is not their fault. I mean you can really do what you want to do but that doesn’t mean that it’s right. I’ve never had the privilege or the desire to leave my children for someone else to take care of or raise. I always wanted my hand in what they were doing so they were never under the impression that someone else had more authority or the upper hand in their life and the decisions made on their behalf. I can say even in my own family there are several babies I had the first year of their life and beyond to the point of having to start a daycare. Only to find out I was hindering them from reaching the full responsibility of being a parent and missing out on the beginning and most important stages of the child’s life. Giving them too much free time as well which enabled them to have more for me to take care of, totally my fault for thinking I was helping them to get on their feet but setting myself up for failure at the same time. Not limited to the babies but also the teenagers that are now grown but are spoiled rotten and still come to me as if I’m mom and not auntie, cousin, sister or friend, not complaining jus stating that I don’t have ten to fifteen children I only biologically have two. But I can say that I have opened my home to the young and old not discriminating against who or for what reason they needed to be here but for the simple fact that I’ve always been the type of person that if I have so do you. It’s a shame that some don’t appreciate that and as time has passed and I have gotten older I have realized that you can’t do things for everybody because it is not appreciated. And I’ve said it over and over again that I won’t allow anyone to change me or my character but every once in a while change is good, it sometimes shows growth and can be made for the better. Someone is always going to get the short end of the stick; I just don’t want to be on that end anymore. I need to know are they yours or mine? So those that weren’t use to me saying NO and that sounds like a foreign language that they don’t speak, I am now going to become bilingual so they can understand it in whatever language it is that they know, understand or speak. No, Nyet, Dame, iie, aucun, mhai, nein and ‘A’ole are just a few ways but prepare yourself because Im definitely going to learn how to say in more ways than one.

One Monkey Dont Stop No Show

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It has already been six months since I’ve started doing this blog. I have touched on many subjects during that time and some topics have stood out more than others. I’ve also dealt with a lot personally during this time as well which inspired many of the things I wrote about. I’ve asked is blood really thicker than water? In some situations I’m finding out that may not be true. We know love and support is everything but do you know what the true meaning of that is? I started out speaking about frenemies and that there is always someone looking to get in your spot whether they are happy for or envious of your situation, sometimes it’s hard to tell. I usually try to stay in the lighter side of issues but every once in a while things are needed to be discussed. I might say something that has been on your mind for some time and didn’t know if you were the only one dealing with that problem or situation when in actuality in most cases there is always somebody going through more or are worse off than you. I am usually an observer and the voice of reason and a mediator in most cases but every so often I want to jump off my square and tell somebody off and jump right back on but I don’t want anyone to change me, my character or the way that I am. I have come to the conclusion that when I don’t express my feelings and get things off my chest it literally makes me sick physically and that stress makes most things worse. Trying to live, love, learn and let go and most things are easier said than done. I only can be who I am and no one else because there is only one me. The ones you think are in your corner are usually not, sneak dissing like it’s the cool new thing to do not realizing how things can play out when it’s them that’s not happy with themselves or their own situation. I look out for EVERYBODY until you fuck up and misuse me, my services, take my kindness for weakness or insult my intelligence. And even when these things happen, I in most cases give you another chance, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me and couldn’t put the blame on anyone but myself. People need to learn to be appreciative of other people and the things they do and don’t even have to do anything. Nobody is obligated to do for or take care of you other than yourself and that is something that truly needs to be recognized and heard. Trust and believe you might need me before I need you. As for me, my family and my team, we are always going to be good and take care of business because that’s what we do best. So you continue on with what you do and we will continue to do the same, just know one monkey doesn’t stop no show.



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I am a giver and thought that this week I would share this time with someone else. I will from time to time have a guest writer to allow them a chance to put their work out. As a teenager I liked to write poetry and something I always wanted to get back to, I assume that I will one day. This week’s guest is someone near and dear to me and is in the process of discovering their self, this piece is called “Realistic” I hope you enjoy.

Looking at me you wish you could have my inner mystery but let me

grow into my phenomenal woman before you break me. Putting in a lot

of work just to talk to me and leaving what you had, truth be told that

doesn’t suit your real identity. Only sixteen dreaming of a life of getting

green so I hustle my body to support my own even though I’m not

grown but sacrificing my life of dreams just to make more green.

Happiness isn’t real if you live in a low society all you see is Hell,

flames blazing and nothing good in sight. Only if cops confessed that

someone's dead, all we want to be is free. True our leaders made

history so why am I a young African-American making tragic decisions

affecting my inner mystery, it’s time for a change but in this era you

aren’t getting nothing for free because I doubt that it’s a free world. So

stop acting funny

Carmel Slick

Summer Breeze

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“Summer breeze makes me feel fine” Well, I am sure I'm not alone in saying this; I’m ready for the SUMMER. Shoot I’ll settle for Spring, even accept Fall but the Winter could be skipped if it were up to me. All of the shoveling, scraping, slush, snow, ice , sleet , bundling up, pre-heating, remote starting, snow blowing and cold catching…Whew! I’m sure you catch my drift. I’ve had enough, too bad its two or three more months left of this maybe even more if you are a Michigander. We know how to prepare for the unknown, FOX may say THIS and the Weather Channel says THAT then you go outside and it’s neither this nor that. My trunk is equipped with shorts, long johns, boots, umbrella, poncho and sandals just to name a few, trying to insure that I can weather any storm or lack thereof. I would much rather be in the sun at this point, I’m over these 30 degrees and under a day mess. Palm trees, sipping pina coladas on the beach would be at my imaginary travel destination. I get lost in those Corona commercials...don’t you? But who wouldn’t prefer fun in the sun over being cold and in the snow? I’ll wait…..see NOBODY! Last year at this time I was in the Keys, of Florida that is. This year I’m dealing with this winter breeze that goes by the name of Jack Frost. I’ll admit watching the snow fall and when it’s a fresh untouched layer, it’s actually a beautiful sight to see….from indoors. I like hot chocolate and all but would much rather trade it in for a “Fun Ship Special” on a Carnival cruise ship on any given day. I’m not complaining, I’m just saying I can’t wait for a warm summer breeze….


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Loan, borrow and give; I have come to the conclusion that some people are confused on the definition of these terms, so I took it upon myself took look up each word and I thought I should share the meanings of them with you all. Relationships, friendships and families can be damaged over borrowing and loaning items or money. When you get in a bind your only thought is to get out of it, you may say or do anything to get what you need and say “I’ll get it back to you as soon as I get it in my hands, or when I get paid.” Which on some occasions might be true and in others it just sounds good to say. Of course everybody means well, but it doesn’t always seem to turn out well. You sometimes have to learn the hard way and that could be after giving someone a few chances and then come to the realization it’s just not going to happen the way you imagined it. To borrow is to receive something from somebody temporarily, expecting to return the same or equivalent. So that means when you ask to borrow some money, sugar, clothes or anything else it’s expected to be given back. If you have taken out a loan it is the initial amount received or borrowed which is the principal and is obligated to pay back or repay an equal amount of money sometimes with interest. Typically money is paid back in regular installments, partial payments of the same amount depending on how much is borrowed. To give is to present something voluntarily and without expecting compensation. So don’t ask for something that you need and expect for it to be a gift if that’s not what was discussed. Don’t take it upon yourself to assume if you don’t have it to return or decide you don’t want to or you even forget for that matter, that it does not have to be repaid. Many people don’t understand how many bridges can and will be burned for not asking or saying what it is that you want or need and what your serious intentions are. My thing is if I want to give you something whether it’s something I see that you need or just something I want you to have, allow me to do so without you asking for it. Needing and wanting are two different things as well, you can ask for assistance in what you need because what you want is your own business and doesn’t really concern me. And I think that’s where the confusion comes in and trips me out when you aren’t in the position to help and you usually do, people have the nerve to have an attitude that you can’t help. When the question is never “Do you need anything, are you ok?” You can try with all you might to be the best person you can and offer assistance when you’re able and willing and available to offer help. But it should be at your leisure and not be or feel pressured to do so or put yourself in debt trying to help others. That seems to be one of my issues, a blessing and a curse because though I need help with more things than one I try to always make sure everyone else is ok first. I don’t think that it is a bad thing but maybe something I need to reevaluate in my life and sometimes consider possibly putting myself first a time or two, it probably won’t hurt too much. Over the years I’ve watched others reactions to many situations and all I can do is shake my head or laugh at it. People expect others to do things they probably would never even consider and that’s amazing to me, but everyone is different and you can’t compare one person to the next, all situations are not the same. I know some things need to change and they will be good for me but will leave plenty hurt and in the wind. Selfish will be the word that will first come to mind to some when it’s the selfless person that usually ends up with less but not concerned because they think with their hearts and not their mind. They will have a clear conscience and will WIN still coming out on TOP!


*Only Up from Here*

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So far so good, it’s definitely looking like a good year ahead. Good music, love, life and prosperity are in the horizon. Trips are being planned, plans put into action and quality music being made and also released. I’m so excited and anticipating a wonderful outcome of all things ventured. Hard work and determination in the end will pay off. More than likely not when you want it to but in due time, you just have to be patient. Make sure you are ready for what’s going to happen, good or bad. It’s good to hope for the best but also better to be prepared for the worst. I believe and I know everything happens for a reason and when something doesn’t happen when you want it to, it may be preparing you for something greater at another time when you least expect it. I try not to ask for much and I feel if it’s for me whenever the time comes now or later it will still be for ME. Spent this past weekend in Chicago traveling with an artist to try out for “The Voice” she has a wonderful voice and can out sing most but you have to be ready and willing to accept constructive criticism and apply it to your life and craft. It can only help you better yourself and enhance what you do not take away from your talent, personality or performance. The overall trip was great and somewhat relaxing, whatever that is, I’ve heard about before though just haven’t experienced it too much, lol. It allowed bonding with team members I didn’t talk to on the regular but enjoyed the time and conversations had, I wouldn’t change any of it. I’m thankful for the experiences shared and can’t wait for whatever comes next. The eating, sight-seeing, joking, laughing and planning for the future was the best part. So thankful for the people that have been placed in my life to remind me that life is too short not to treasure the special moments shared. There are so many events and opportunities coming up; we can only go up from here.


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10..9..8..7..6..5..4..3..2..1 HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013 is here!! Do you have your plan for the year in order? Did you set out to make one or more resolutions for the New Year? Are you going to strive to make sure you keep up with whatever it is you’re trying to change? I hope you will answer yes to all at least 2 of those questions. Some will stay the same and that’s okay too, you can do and have whatever your heart desires. I just hope the plan is to better your life, self, home, health, career and finances. I would to change a few things not because it’s a new year, but the reason of needing to get things done. Some need more motivation and push than most depending on the situation, doing it of our own free will would make it better. Everyone that partied on NYE hangovers should be gone now and everybody back to work and their regular routines or new ones for that matter. You probably planned on starting that new diet yesterday but then decided “ Oh I’ll wait until Monday and start fresh “ then that’s going to turn into next week, next month and then it will be “As long as I get it together for the summer”. Smh It all sounds good when you say it but sometimes everything you plan to do doesn’t fit your schedule or lifestyle. You just have to be real with yourself and know your own limitations and do what’s feasible. I’m grateful to not only see the beginning of another year but to be able to see another day, because tomorrow is not promised. We have witnessed so many lives lost for so many different reasons and many of them senseless, children being slain, and people being robbed, injured or killed in some cases for absolutely nothing. Things are happening all over the world and sadly it seems to be more and more each day. I just hope and pray that everyone plans to be the best they can be and stay safe in this crazy world of ours. I wish you all the best as I pray for peace, love, joy, self-control, good health, prosperity and that you have the very best of whatever your heart desires. HAPPY NEW YEAR n much love to you.




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Yes it’s the 26th of December and the day some were waiting for, it’s finally over. Now everyone is trying on clothes and checking things out seeing if they need to be returned and getting ready for the sales that run a few days after. This year was a little different for me, mom is ill, my daughter was out of town, and normally I have a Christmas Eve dinner with the entire family over. I know change is good even if it doesn’t feel like it, time for doing things another way and create new traditions. Things can be even better than what they were previously, we will soon find out. Everyone thought the world was going to end just a week ago. Now it’s time to get your black eyed peas to cook, get the drinks ready and make resolutions that you are not going to keep. 2013 will be here before you can actually say what you plan to change, so get ready for new and exciting things to come because they are on the way. Will see you next week the 1st Wednesday of the New Year with something for you to think about, I will try and start out on a light note but we’ll see how it goes. Until then, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and plan to have an even better year to come. Get Ready!!! :D

Kindness Vs Weakness

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It’s amazing that being a nice person can sometimes get u messed over. Just because I don’t mind helping someone out a time or two doesn’t mean that I am going to be in a position to do so all the time. The thing is I may need help every once in a while myself, but wouldn’t dare ask the people that I help because they would look at me as if I were crazy. I’ve come across this issue numerous times in my life with people assuming that you are the designated helper and help everyone so how could you possibly need help? It’s probably because I’m human as well and there comes a time in everyone’s life where they may need assistance also. I will give my last and try to find you more, but would you do the same for me? I’m not one to complain or worry about others and their actions, I only do what I can and put forth my best efforts to do so. That does not mean it will be on your terms or that just because you ask im automatically going to help. Many take advantage of what I consider to be a good thing not knowing how to accept or reciprocate the favor. It kind of irritates me to know I do things out of the kindness of my heart and people get used to it and assume that’s the way it’s going to be all the time. I’m tired of not being recognized as the person I am and others not realizing I don’t have to do anything I don’t want to but feed off the fact I live to be of assistance to other people. My house was once referred to as “The Shelter” because anyone that needed a home, somewhere to crash, a meal or just someone to talk to, I welcomed them with open arms. It didn’t matter whether it was a child or an adult, a few children in my family I had them and took care of their first year of life or longer. Even though I had a family of my own to raise, I never turned anyone away. My best friend of 26yrs told me that if I found a beetle and didn’t want to kill it I would probably put it in a jar and take it home with me. It’s crazy but true; I think my heart is big enough to house the world. Even though I’ve fallen on hard times myself, I still find time to do for others neglecting myself and what I need at the same time. And when the time comes that I actually say no or need something for me and my household, you would think the world has come to an end. I’m sorry there are a few that have messed it up for everyone coming after them. I will not allow anyone to block my blessings but if I don’t feel you’re appreciative or actually need my help but are abusing the fact that I am who I am and that I will offer any assistance that I can. You will be cut off, just for the simple fact of me being caring, gentle, understanding and loving does not give anyone the right to use or abuse my services. Please realize I don’t have to do anything for you and if and when I don’t, continue to live and go on with your life because it’s not the end of the world. It has just come the time when you will no longer be able to take advantage of me or to take my kindness for weakness. Because weak is something I’m definitely not.