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Why You Tryna Knock My Hustle?

Posted on April 10, 2013 at 9:35 AM

What Would You Do?

I love what I see, God made me so the world could see the way I move in a slow, sexy, exotic way as I caress my body while swinging around the pole and dropping it low as you stare into my brown eyes wondering what's my inner mystery....but yet please don't get my stripping game mixed up with what the society sees. I gotta make a living while I'm young, damn during the day my education is the root to my beat as I bang my mind to see that I am a straight A student. My brain to him is unexplainable, sucking it up like a vacuum and wondering why he keeps coming back for my love besides having our only baby girl, she's also doing well in school but I often wonder what she thinks about what I do. Is she proud that I am a woman trying or not making enough for it to be worth it? Doing what I need to not wanting to feel ashamed of my only daughter looking at me as if I'm nothing because I'm a stripper but her bright smile makes me smile everyday knowing that we've made it through another day. I swear the crowd loves me or Rain, the other side of me. Is that really me when the money is flowing and steadily being thrown? It makes me feel so good, but what would you do if your baby was at home worrying about when her mother will be coming home and about the dudes she met and praying she doesn't come up missing on the news. Would you continue to live this life to make this money, even though they say all money isn't good money? What would you do??

Carmel Slick


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