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Will You Ever Learn??

Posted on May 15, 2013 at 9:10 AM

Will You Ever Learn??

When will you grow up? At what point in your life do you realize life doesn’t completely revolve around you and your wants and needs? Do you know it’s rather selfish to think that it does? Will you ever be considerate and not be selfish and think of someone else other than yourself? These are all questions I have because I don’t understand the dynamics of the way some people think. I can’t comprehend because I’m usually the one doing something for nothing and never looking for anything in return. I’ve always been taught to treat others as I would want or expect them to treat me and I believe if you do right by others you will be repaid for your duties. May not be in the exact manner in which you gave but I definitely believe in due time and sometimes right on time you will get something deserving of your actions. I’ve tried to explain to people that when you do something for someone and do it only to immediately receive something in return even sometimes asking for more than the equivalent that 9 times out of 10, you won’t get what you want. And the reason would be that it was not done from the heart or in a genuine fashion. All we have is our word and honor and if you misuse or abuse either that could be all bad for you. I also believe in karma and if you do wrong you may be repaid when you least expect it. We all make mistakes in life but when it counts is when you realize it was a mistake, learn from it and try not to repeat it expecting a different outcome. When you’re growing up if with the right upbringing you are taught right from wrong and it’s not thought to be cute when you do wrong. But there is also a time when you yourself learn what to do and not to do and sometimes have to go through something to know the difference, which is fine as long as the lesson is learned and you’re able to move on. Being selfish isn’t cool and definitely not when you think it’s wrong for someone to treat you the same way. If it’s something you don’t want done then don’t do it and that’s pretty simple and easy to understand. Just know when you don’t do right and there comes a time when you need something rather it’s something to happen or something you need to get or have done for you it’s a great possibility that just might not come through for you and then you’ll be upset trying to figure out why not. In some cases the person never thinks about the things they’ve done, they just know I want this and I need this to happen for me right now, oh well sorry…maybe next time. The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is to love and be loved in return.


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