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Crazy Out Here

Posted on August 28, 2013 at 8:40 AM

Crazy Out Here

These weeks are going by so fast, seems like time flies rather you’re having fun or not. Life is short it’s been said forever and we know it’s even shorter for some. It’s crazy they say The Lord watches over babies and fools which I believe is true since there are so many babies and good people being taken away and sometimes it’s because of the fools. Everyday it’s something new going on and you have to be cautious and more observant. I started off thinking this would be a light week and a nice whimsical blog but every time I turn on the TV or listen to the radio there is another shooting associated with a carjacking or robbery, a baby has been hospitalized for being shot or injured for being in the presence of someone who doesn’t need or like kids. Home invasions, arsons, rapings, kidnappings and so much more it’s crazy out here. It’s bad that you can’t have the things you work for because there is someone out here envious of what you have and instead of working for it to get their own they would rather take yours. I believe it all starts in the home, not saying that everyone out here doing these things is from a broken home because you can do your best in raising your kids and teaching them right from wrong and have a good family life and they can still choose to run with the wrong crowd or allow peer pressure to get to them and it could change their life. And then with the company you keep there’s always the chance of being in the wrong place at the wrong time which is always a bad situation. There is always someone on the sidelines watching it’s up to you to decide rather they are there to cheer you on, to soak up game and learn or soak it up to take you down. You may think you have a cheerleader but we all know looks can be deceiving.

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Reply Hoosier Newman
2:16 PM on December 4, 2013 
It's only crazy if you let the media get to you. Unplug TV and use net only. That way you can filter all the nonsense and distractions they prey on your emotions and heartfelt loses that you cannot control. There are Idiots everywhere, but if you close your circles and deal with those who are spiritual and true, thing get better. This I know.