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Looking Into The Past

Posted on May 1, 2013 at 4:00 PM

I decided to look back on some blogs that were previously posted due to events that are surrounding me in my life. And I came across a few that would fit almost all of the situations so this week will be something a little different, I invite you to if you have not already or if you have some time to read a couple of them and relate to what's going on. The first one to come to mind was “Kindness vs. Weakness" and that is pretty much self-explanatory and some still don’t understand that just because someone is nice and helpful and even understanding doesn’t make them gullible or accepting of nonsense and willing to understand that anyone can be nice and lovable until they are provoked to react in a different manner. And that led me to “Opinions” because everyone is entitled to one but don’t pressure me to have the same feelings as you, 9 out of 10 times I won’t so you can express how you feel but it’s not necessary that I feel the same way. And of course we all have those frenemies that consider themselves your “friend” until you need something or you can no longer help them but in actuality real and true friends know that “Love and Support” is everything. Even those that preach about and say they love and would do anything for you, really have you wondering and asking the question, “Is Blood Really Thicker than Water”? In a lot of cases some might say No and that’s because those that you think are concerned and have your best interest at heart are the ones that use the knowledge they have against you and hurt you the most. Just let them know that “One Monkey Don’t Stop No Show” and you will continue on and keep pushing to show them that losing is not an option and that you are a winner. Bridges are being burned along the way while you are “Trying to Knock My Hustle” when you should just “Get You Some” business that is. Some need a dose of “Reality” in the process of me trying to figure out if these children are “Yours or Mine” because a lot of people are having them for others to raise. I have my own that were brought up rather nicely I think, one in college and one in high school working and doing well in school and sports. As a parent I believe I instilled as many good qualities and taught them as much as I could and feel that everyone that’s a parent should have the same experience if at all possible. But I definitely don’t agree with those having kid after kid only to pass them on to someone else to raise for them. If YOU do not plan on taking care of or providing for your own DON’T have them. I love and appreciate everyone in my life and we can “Only Go Up From Here”. Waited for the “Summer Breeze” that has finally showed up and I’m ready to embark on these summer trips and the journey to the rest of my life……….



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