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You Ain't Gotta Lie

Posted on June 5, 2013 at 9:05 AM

You Ain't Gotta Lie

Have you ever heard the saying “You ain’t got to lie to kick it”. This is really a true statement. Some people are attention seekers or “story stunners” can’t have a conversation with them or tell them something without them trying to trump your story. They can’t just listen and wait until you’re done, they have to butt in and cut you off to tell their related story or lie to make it sound better than yours. Let me tell mine and then you can elaborate on it or tell yours when I’m finished. Please and thank you. Its ok to be honest and tell the truth sometimes, because I honestly don’t think that people who lie and are used to it probably don’t run into people like me often that remembers almost everything because I pay attention and I am very observant. Some don’t care then there are those that when you catch them up they have to take you on another fictional journey to connect the stories; I really don’t have time for that. Those that tell stories for you to feel sorry for them, whether it is for you to help or just to listen are sometimes over the top and make you wish you a violin on your shoulder. Most don’t understand that everybody has hard times every once in a while some all the time or more than others but not realizing that it is the way you live your life that gives you the results you end up with. You can’t assume that others are going to work and go harder for you than you do yourself. Who does that and where they do that at? I’m tired of listening to grown people complaining about their life and the cards they were dealt when they’re not doing anything to change it. How do you expect different results when you are doing the same things over and over again without change? That’s kind of impossible and doesn’t make sense, to get another answer you need to change some of the components. It’s pretty simple, you do for you and try to help or invest in yourself and show that you are willing to work to make things happen for YOU, then trust and believe some or multiple will flock to you to do the same. Just be real and true to yourself and the rest will follow.


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Reply Hoosier Newman
2:51 PM on December 4, 2013 
The Net is even worse.

More fakers than real folks because they can hide easier. I do my best to stay out of the 'limelight' and I have skills. But the loudest ones are often living in they mama's basement. Tips on spotting fakers.
1: business cards - either no address or actual place of doing business
2: website - using a free service
3: numerous unrelated titles in their skillset
4: Nothing to show
5: Numerous grammatical or spelling errors on their site.
6: Never left their home state
7: Excuses or "working on it" (since 2005? WTF! yeah right)
8: Looking for backers/partners and nothing equal to share in the venture
9: Still using AOL email address - (psst it's 2013)
10: Still using flip phone that can't send pictures. (if you looking for a gf/bf on the web)

What is legit
Using a Gmail account, because they can handle large files when your domain may not be able to.
Real Phone number that answers
Website with their business name or deviation of it.

There are lots a 'games' being run on the net, the one I tell them most is "If you're an over 40 rapper and still haven't made it- chances are slim to none". MickeyD's is hiring. There is no shame in an honest job, but don't say you're a CEO/Producer/Recording Engineer and still flipping burgers. At least say 'aspiring'

Haters please post your complaints offline