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What Now? Decisions, decisions, decisions

Posted on August 14, 2013 at 12:30 AM


Have you ever had to make multiple decisions at one time? Or has it ever seemed like everything was crashing down all at once? I have taken a hiatus from writing the last month, not by choice but to take care of a few things. It has been some life changing also altering things going on good and bad that needed to be immediately addressed. Some people work better under pressure and I might be one of them. They say study long, study wrong and in some cases I agree. I’ve spoken before about making changes in my life to be able to take care of my mom and some are in place and have been working to make things better but it seems like everyday something new comes up and shuts everything else down, sometimes immediately without a lot of preparation. It’s been very challenging these last 10 months following her stroke caring for her and her needs and now that financial issues have come up, trying to settle things with her home have been a little bit harder. If I were an easily depressed or worrying type of person, I would probably be locked in a room or committed somewhere by now because this stuff is crazy and I am totally amazed that it is all happening at one time. Thankful and prayerful that I am not and will not become that way because not only am I taking care of her things, I have my own things to take care of as well. While caring for her, my children (including my niece), my mate, our current home and looking for another one because we now need more space, my own finances, trying to repair my car that just started acting up a week ago that’s needed to run the kids back and forth to work, practices and school, my own health back on track and somewhere down the line I’m going to try and take care of ME…WHEW!!!!! That was a lot and it’s been a lot on my mind other than these things but all of this is more important and pretty much has taken precedence over everything. Family and my home life are definitely more important than anything and will come first. I am thankful and blessed that someone has been placed in my life and at the right time to help me get through all these things and more and that makes me feel like everything will work out in the end no matter what. It is such a wonderful feeling to have somebody in your court but most importantly on the same team. It is said that no more than you can bear will be placed on you and I feel like my back is breaking, my arms are tired and my knees are weak so I know I’m almost to the finish line somewhere over the rainbow where my Pot of Gold awaits………….

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